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 Legendary killers

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Legendary killers Empty
PostSubject: Legendary killers   Legendary killers Icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 12:45 pm

Ime klana: Legendary killers
Tag klana:LK-Gam!nG > nik
Lider: LeGenD

Line up:
LK-Gam!nG > LeGenD
LK-Gam!nG > Boca!D3aGLe
LK-Gam!nG > c1t1
LK-Gam!nG > Morphy
LK-Gam!nG > ^pRsKaLiCa^

LK-Gam!nG > .aNNi
LK-Gam!nG > Xe[R]oX^

msn lidera:
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Legendary killers
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